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OtelMS suggests creating hotel free website online booking system within a short period from 5 days.

Create your own additional booking channel! In a hotel website demo you can show and tell about more advantages of a hotel, hostel, apartments or a guest house than on popular booking channels. A web site is not only the required attribute for any kind of business, but it is an integral part of your hotel. Add hotel rooms and services, take control of your sales, increase a number of guests, update news and make special offers to attract more visitors on your new web site. The creation of a free website reservation system will provide you with a surge in clients and ensure booking.

Admin-panel of your site will allow you, using a special module, add and change room categories or suites at a hotel in the form that is convenient for every hotel room to describe its services and upload photos. These hotel rooms will be automatically attached to the free website booking system! You can also start a blog, add news, give the description of a hotel and place its contacts.

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