Hotel Management Systems by OtelMS Company have reached a new level and offer even more opportunities!

The success of modern business in the direction of providing services depends on adaptability of your business to the requirements of the market and to the pace of their changes.

Today, market rules, laws and state borders are changing rapidly, and new discoveries of science or competitors’ capabilities require quick and adequate responses from businessmen.

OtelMS understands it and does not stop there. We continue to improve and modernize one of our popular products – the well-known hotel management system OtelMS.

Software developers take into account the opinion of our partners and their wishes regarding the operation of the management system. This year we have improved the system, equipping its functionality with a number of new features.

New features of the OtelMS hotel management system will allow users effectively manage any point of accommodation or a network of apartments and the process of booking hotel rooms will be much more comfortable.

The OtelMS system is now available in the Bulgarian language and has protection against multiple acceptance of payments for using the system, when there are errors in the browser.

Language localization of basic services (accommodation, early check-in and late check-out, tourist tax) and unit of measure was added. It will allow user to print the necessary documents easily. There were changes in the output of information on printed forms: data on the payer (if the payer specifies the company) and data on the number of nights of stay in 1 position of the list of services.

The speed of loading the pages of the system by adapting special icons was increased too, it makes the work with software even more reliable and comfortable. The channel activity page was upgraded and the new corporate site was launched.

The old knowledge base is disabled, a new extended database has appeared – For greater convenience to work with the system, non-currently (historical) countries are excluded from the list of countries where the hotel is located. Special lock helps users to select a country or document to change and protects against possible errors during the sending data to the migration department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The extra fields of the form to fill in the data when reporting to the migration service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation were removed. The ability to automatically fill in fields containing dates is removed from the functions of the fill data wizard.

For those guests, who consider it is convenient, the new online booking module offers the possibility of payment using the Ukrainian payment system LiqPay.

OtelMS Company continues to work for the benefit of its partners and customers.

We are sure that the improvements of the OtelMS system will help in the effective management of your accommodation point and will allow guests make an apartment reservation more easily. The comfort of this process is extremely important for the growing popularity of the hotel with a potential target audience.