The hotel management system OtelMS received synchronization with the sales channel

Try new features of OtelMS hotel management system: it will make your business more comfortable and expand the range of services for your guests.

A new booking channel has been added to channel manager of the OtelMS management system. Now,, a popular and reliable resource, is available to interact with the hotels that use hotel management system of our Company. It makes the reservation of hotel rooms easy for clients and eliminates all the risks associated with the apartment booking process.

The problem of “overbooking” and the situation resulted in duplication of “reserved hotel rooms” has been successfully solved with the help of the channel manager of the OtelMS system, which synchronizes the information about the room in your hotel with one of the most popular sales channels.

Your guests can confidently plan the upcoming visit to the hotel, and the hotel’s management may not worry about unpleasant accidents that spoil business reputation.