Booking engine

online module for hotel website and social networks

Hotel booking engine

Do you have a website but still accept phone bookings? Do you actively promote your page on social networks, but the opportunities are limited?

What about using modern technology -hotel booking engine for website - which helps to automate this whole routine, provides your guests with a convenient online service and saves your own time?

We offer a special online hotel booking module for website, which will satisfy the most demanding guests. You will be able to place the “booking” button on your website and accept orders directly. You can install it without any modifications to your site, interact with any booking services and increase your sales! The booking engine hotelis suitable for sites of any hotels, hostels, sanatoriums, as well as for social networks, including Facebook.

We do not charge you for booking, i.e. all sales from your website and social networks are your personal sales! Hotel booking engine costis not just buying a room reservation module: you can get a complete OtelMS hotel management system.

Our booking engines are suitable for business hotel, rest houses and other points of accommodation. Remember that the online booking module for the hotel website is the realization of the possibility for booking through its own channels. It always contributes both to increasing sales of rooms in general, and to increasing the trust and loyalty of your customers. You can use booking engine for multiple hotels or any hotel facilities too.

The booking engine per hotel website is easy to install and convenient to use, and you will quickly see its effectiveness.

Automatic sale of rooms

Convenience for your guests

Increase in sales

To module installation, you will need the OtelMS Hotel Management System. A 30-day free demo version with a full range of functions is available to you, which will make it possible to evaluate in practice all the amenities of a booking module.