You are the owner of your information

OtelMS Company LLC (OteMS LLC.) – Registered in the United States, Delaware, registration number 5547515, then HMS, is an IT company, providing services and solutions for the hospitality and tourism industries. OtelMS – is the name of the software belonging to HMS OtelMS and is a web-based system designed specifically to manage hotels and other types of real estate (here-in-after Hotel).

HMS stores only the information that the user enters into OtelMS (here-in-after Users) or is automatically imported into the system. This information (here-in-after Information) is owned by the hotel and HMS and may not be used or disclosed without the permission of the Hotel.

You control access to your information

The information that the user enters or OtelMS automatically imports into the system, will be securely stored in a database-accessible only by approved users of the Hotel. Coordinator of the Hotel (here-in-after The Coordinator) has full control of access for hotel users.

The user is responsible for the safety of their login and password to access OtelMS. The Coordinator is responsible for the users, who were granted access to OtelMS.

Staff and partners HMS does not have access to the passwords of users, and does not have access to the details of the hotel in OtelMS, unless the hotel itself does not provide this access.

Your data sent over the Internet is well secured

Transfer of all information between OtelMS and the Hotel is encrypted, “packaged” in a cryptographic protocol SSL, which provides protection of this information.

HMS provides you the option to delete your data at any time

Hotel data can be removed by employees at HMS120 days after the Hotel stops paying for or using OtelMS, or by the request of the Coordinator.

OtelMS Privacy Policy may vary

HMS reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. The current version of this Privacy Policy is always available on the site

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