OtelMS Front Desk


OtelMS Front Desk - professional hotel management system. With it, you can automate the many business processes that you and your staff spent a lot of time and attention before. This will allow you to focus on the key questions of your business and solve the most important tasks to improve its efficiency and revenue growth.
Thus, our system will automate such important business processes and functions as a porter, reservation, management of room fund, management of rates, management of reporting, formation and storage of the base of visitors. And this means that the mistakes that people may tolerate will be eliminated once and forever.

We always listen to the wishes of our clients and we are working to improve our system. At the same time, our next, updated version our customers receive regularly and free of charge. In addition, we provide technical and informational support services that will always answer your questions about OtelMS.

An important feature of OtelMS Front Desk is the function of registering guests. You can create the most detailed data and use them effectively to increase the loyalty of regular guests and attract new ones. Always at hand you will have the following data, such as telephones, address, e-mail, photo, passport details, and even your preferences and wishes.

You will be able to manage your business from any device and from anywhere, because our system is always available online!

To connect our system is very simple: just fill out an application on our website or call +357 (2) 200-7934. All through a few hours after confirmation of registration, a full functional system will be installed and you will be able to use it in full!

In addition, we have a special offer: register with us on the website and get 1 month of using the system for free!

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