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Le système OtelMS est une solution intégrale créée pour augmenter vos ventes en ligne et automatiser vos processus internes. Le système se compose de trois composants, qui résolvent chacun leurs problèmes et travaillent ensemble de la manière la plus harmonieuse possible pour résoudre des problèmes de toute complexité.

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Mini-network was launched from 4 hostels which are situated in different places. It is clear that it is impossible to start their work and it without joined automated system. We are freshers in that situation that is why we were choosing the software relying on the opinion of the hotels that had already used it.
Your system attracted us because of its popularity but the most important is the fact that your colleagues explained all the details in a simple way and installed the system quickly with all necessary functions we were interested in. We have been using the system Hotel MC – about a year, - everything is OK; we can solve all the problems immediately and it gives us pleasant surprises o find new opportunities to use it in another way.
The system is perfect, we especially like its flexibility and multifunctioning. We highly appreciate the support service. From the very start we almost “terrorized” the staff asking for help, sometimes we could not explain what we wanted. They patiently taught us nuances of work with operating system. According to the opinion of front desk and the reception staff, judging by the view of our guests, the reservation panel is simple multifunctional and user friendly.
I have been using your operating system for two years. Before it I used several similar services. Having had some negative experience before I decided to refuse applying automation process of the hotel management. Your service of operating otelms I have decided to use because you gave a long term for free testing of it on the definite area. It is easy to work now because a lot of tasks and checking system I can independently cope with.
Hi and thanks for operating system Otelms! We are waiting for new software and we are not interested in new applications from your competitors. We are convinced that to co-operate in such fields as the software and technologies you should deal with the professionals. Keep it up!
Gentlemen, who created the operating system for hotels have some secret knowledge or they are excellent experts in this field. It is unbelievable that everything works without outages from the very beginning. In addition to this we highly appreciate the work on joined platform that unites all the important process of the business. It is really cool when you work with a comfortable system without expecting outages and negative “surprises.”

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