named the most popular cities for the first trip назвал самые популярные города для первого путешествия

The most popular booking portal summarized the results of research, which purpose was to find out the most frequent directions for the first trip. According to data collected from more than 15,000 people from twenty countries, the top most popular cities for the first trip were formed. Interestingly, the top ten is formed entirely by the cities of old Europe, ceding only one place to Australian Sydney in seventh position. The first three are Paris, Barcelona and London.

Nevertheless, only 31% of respondents are ready to go abroad on the first trip. For Russia, this indicator is even lower – 25%, but in Belgium, the Netherlands, Britain and Sweden, residents are much more likely than others to choose a trip abroad for the first time.The rest of the respondents prefer domestic tourism for the first time. So, for Russia, the most desired place for the first holiday became Sochi.

The majority of the respondents (64%) made the first trip in their life as a child, while Russian survey participants indicated that they traveled for the first time with their families both inside the country and abroad (44 and 24% respectively).

The main criterion for choosing the direction for the first trip in more than half of the cases is local cuisine and culture.In Russia, the main ground for 56% of respondents became the possibility of changing the situation, while on the whole, only 34% of the respondents indicated given motive.

To the question “Would you like to return to this place again?” 52% of questioned responded positively, but even more travelers (64%) noted that they would rather choose a new direction for the next trip.