New service by OtelMS: professional websites for hotels and other places to stay

Новая услуга OtelMS — профессиональные сайты для отелей и гостиниц

OtelMS is introducing a new service for our customers: development of professional websites for hotels and other places to stay. A new website will effectively sell your rooms online without taking much of your time and resources on its development and maintenance.

A modern website today is a must for success even for a small hotel or guesthouse. At the same time, we knowwhat a big amount of resources it takes to create and support a site, especially if it is not your area of expertise. That is why we offer you to entrust these concerns to OtelMS professionals.

OtelMS provides you with a professional website tailored for hotel industry in general, and for your hotel in particular. The website will contain interactive system of online booking providing effective sales of your rooms, it will be stylish as well as easy-to-use for your customers including mobile users.

OtelMS will also provide further support of your website which includes technical support, as well as uploading of new content, making changes, free consulting on website improvements, and even search engine optimization (SEO). Thus, you will get an attractive and functional selling site at minimum expense, so that you could pay more attention to what matters most – servicing your guests.