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OtelMS - is one of the software market leaders, providing services to hotel businesses since 2013. We offer a complex solution for hotel business management, which is aimed at the automation of internal processes and increasing online sales. We apply data storage standards that are recognized by leading international banks, while the reliability of out system is confirmed by over 2 000 clients. We always keep in step with the time and stay on top of world innovations in the sphere of software solutions for hotel businesses. Our team considers the clients’ needs by maintaining internal statistics on clients’ preferences, enhancing functionality according to the customers’ reviews and constantly developing and improving its services. Our company will become your reliable and time-tested partner that will save your time and contribute to sales growth!

Our mission is becoming your trustworthy partner in providing utmost efficiency for your business. OtelMS is extremely user-friendly, while our support team is always there to offer you assistance in customization and use of the system. We have a dedicated team of professionals, who strive for excellence and are ready to offer solutions to the most complex and demanding challenges. Our clients are our top priority. Our team works hard at increasing the efficiency of your business with reference to your individual needs.

Our partners

Their equipment is installed in a high-tech data center, called Web Data Center. The specialized technological platform DPC is designed for 60 racks. At present 2 independent channels from three different operators are linked to the DPC Web Data Center. General electric capacity of the center’s engineering infrastructure is 600kW. The security system is comprised of an automatic fire fighting system which uses halon fire-extinguishing agent, as well as round-the-clock site protection through monitoring and alarm systems.

Founded in 2009 as a part of UK2Group, VPS.NET became the leading cloud provider, offering cloud hosting to more than 10 000 clients in 180 countries of the world. Since its establishment back in 2009 VPS.NET has been developing the market, introducing innovations and giving the clients a choice from 18 various data processing centers for the distribution of their websites.
Founded in 1998 in London, UK, UK2Group launched its activities as a domain name registrar with just a few employees, who jointed their efforts to make quality changes in the industry. Laying the main stress on innovations and customer services the company embarked on swift expansion. At present UK2Group provides services to more than 1 million clients.

PayPal is a secure and simple method of sending and receiving online payments through credit cards, bank accounts or balance avoiding disclosure of one’s financial data. PayPal almost instantly became a world leader in online money transfers with over 153 million accounts all over the world. Available in 190 markets in 24 world currencies PayPal keeps developing the global electronic commerce, supporting payments in various geographical locations and in many different currencies. PayPal was established in 1998 in San-Jose, California. In 2002 it was purchased by eBay.

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